Aunty delicately slips her tongue gently between her girls soft lips to tickle her tongue briefly before parting to look into her smiling and coy face.'Now, my lovely sissy darling,'Aunties whispered voice is almost quivering with sex, having kissed and caressed the completely beautiful naked girl in her arms, her little girl finding it impossible to keep her excitement hidden as it rubs against her Aunties glossy skirt.'Let's see if your presents fit, shall we. Once her breathlessly excited girl was silkily sheathed from head to toe, naughty Aunty says she now needs to make sure that the layers of the satin clothes that Aunty has chosen to dress her (innocent and deliciously unsuspecting niece) in, felt properly slippery over each other. Sussies first.'Aunty fastens the satin belt in place, then, kneeling in front of her obviously excited sissy niece, slowly, so slowly, she unravels a gossamer stocking up each leg to fix them in place to the three clips either side, ensuring the seams are straight in an exaggerated play of careful pulling and smoothing. She'll be mine in minutes."Releasing her hold of the secret weapon that are the slithery satin knickers, she places her hands on her girls satined hips. Leading her dressed and trusting girl to her large bed, Aunty slips her hands about her girl's waist, the satins of her indecently short dress and high gloss slip slipping beautifully over each other, making her trembling girl shiver still more with mounting excitement.

There, on Aunty's huge satin covered bed, lays satin dresses and slips and satin suspenders with glossy black nylon FF stockings, and a beautiful pair of shiny black satin Directoire knickers.'Yes', explains Aunty, 'they are all for you, but we have to make sure they're the right size and also make sure they're properly slippery; nothing worse than satin that doesn't feel the right kind of slippery, don't you agree.

Now, darling, out of those things so we can get you dressed up properly. No, I'm sure your Mummy wouldn't mind you changing in my bedroom, darling, and we are quite alone here together, just the two of us, no one to see what we do together here, is there?

Knocking to Aunties front door sees Aunty lightly skipping breathlessly downstairs to admit her gorgeous girl.

On stepping into the large hall and giving her girl a long welcoming kiss and slow hug (Aunty is very pleased to feel her girls hands already smoothing into the satins of Aunty's blouse and slip), Aunty Chats away to her adoring girl. I was sure something w-was going to happen to me then.

Aunty drew a slow hand over the satins of her skirt, slip and two layers of her naughty knickers, running a languid tongue over her crimson lips.

Feeling herself stirring inside her lovely satin Directoire knickers, she smiled with the knowledge of what else she was going to feel today.

In your Aunties’ books, and, as you should know, Aunty believes in being prepared.

As she leads her girl into her bedroom, her niece lets out a gasp of surprise. My satin knickers are so wet and slippery under my dress and they feel so so silky when your hand ru-rubs them up and down like tha-.

We were sitting in her lounge sharing a cooldrink and just chit-chatting the hour away. I expected to hear a stern talking to and perhaps even see a yank from the table but instead, I heard her softly say. Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to discipline someone else's child? 24publishes all comments posted on articles provided that they adhere to our Comments Policy.

Her 4 year old, oh, let's call him Naughty Boy, was playing on the floor with crayons and puzzles, scribbling over the images on the wooden pieces. Should you wish to report a comment for editorial review, please do so by clicking the 'Report Comment' button to the right of each comment.

I want to slide NOW."I half expected the table to crack in half and see the green other-world open up to fetch the little blighter.