I have been thinking about this a lot lately and want to answer this question but first, I would like to rephrase the question into the more fun version of itself…

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You can also select from a variety of balusters and in-fill options – including round, twisted, basket, square, belly, bow, and even glass panels to transform your outdoor living space.

To add finishing touches to any railing system, Carolina Exteriors also offers a variety of post caps and lighting options.

I know many of them personally and I would say that there are many many quality options at every price point.

With all of these awesome options I am sure that couples are often just lining up rate sheets and figuring out where they can get the most bang for their budgeted buck.

I think it has become increasingly important for photographers to figure out and communicate what it is that sets them apart, not jut for the sake of earning the couple’s business but also so that the fully educated couple knows exactly what they will be receiving.

The same is true whether you are looking for a wedding photographer or someone to photograph your son’s 3 yr portraits.

**For those of you photographers out there looking for an incredible album company Forbeyon is absolutely the way to go for contemporary wedding album. When you order your first album from them tell them that I sent you!!

For more on my album creation process and why I love Forbeyon check out this FAQ video.

Natalie, both you and your work are amazing and it really was a blessing to our family and friends to get to enjoy your yummy artistry!