I divorced my Asperger/Narcissist husband after 25 yrs and after the worst one yet - almost sociopath, I haven't been on a date since - 8 yrs - I'm done with that and very happy = lots of alone time and with my kids and animals and one old friend. It puts young, still immature children at your level as "friends" rather than as children It invites them to judge your future partners, a role not suited for children.

I realize not everyone will agree, but hopefully others' will ponder this prior to doing the same thing.

The list described traits or characteristics of narcissists.

I didn't feel sexy at all, and I felt like a lousy person who could do nothing right in his eyes.

When I left, and moved across country and back with my mother, I suddenly felt pretty again.

I have faced the very painful, and real fact that he never, ever loved me. He used me, lied to me, made me feel like I was worthless, and put me through emotional hell, and he did so in such a way that I never saw it. It's amazing to see that every single one of these statements are true and to see how this type of personality grew right before my eyes, but I was too blind & scared to realize what was transpiring.

Perhaps I didn't want to, maybe I was too in love to realize that "saving my marriage" was a futile effort. I find it near impossible to trust guys, be it their intentions, or their feelings. What is someone to do when this type of behavior is also associated with master manipulation?

Below I'm offering you a checklist to determine if your relationship carries these devastating traits.

Remember: Narcissism is a disorder; someone with a high level or number of these traits can be a more damaging influence on you, and your children.

You deserve to be loved and cherished, as do your children. I would only like to add that those of us raised by a narcissistic parent or parents are particularly vulnerable to being attracted to narcissistic partners.

I think this is because their NPD behaviors feel "familiar" to us, as in "of the family" and as in "repetition compulsion": we feel an urge to try and make the outcome turn out differently, this time.

As I read through this list, I said yes to almost everything on this list. It's crucial when dealing with them, and it can bring a strength that can prove quite valuable.

Over the last year, I have come to realize there is something very wrong with my ex. I've stopped trying to date until I can work me out. It can also teach this woman's kids to avoid people like this in the future.

I look forward to the publication of your new book and will probably recommend it to a dear friend of mine who unfortunately became smitten with and married a truly toxic narcissist a few years ago; I have a feeling that my friend is ready to divorce this destructive individual fairly soon. I questioned and pondered while he lied and belittled... You are helping millions of people by helping thme see the harm narcissism can do.