‘I was always told, “don’t see obstacles; see where you want to get to and ignore everything else.If other people have issues, let them be their issues.” It was invaluable advice and I still apply it today.’ But these days, having starred in Pirates Of The Caribbean and as (M’s secretary) Miss Moneypenny in the two most recent Bond films, Naomie is a Hollywood A-lister, you’d imagine has very few obstacles in front of her.‘The part scared me because it’s everything I’m not,’ she says.

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‘At the moment, I’m practising Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and I meditate for at least an hour every morning.

It’s been the best thing; it centres me and brings me back into the here and now.

It was mum who convinced me to do my A-Levels and although I went to Sixth Form College begrudgingly, it was while I was there that I met Mr Murdoch, a wonderful teacher, who told me I had the potential to go to Oxbridge.’ And it turned out he was right.

But despite being immensely proud of being there, it was a very different environment to the one she’d been used to.

‘I still struggle with the same challenges everyone else does,’ she insists.

‘There is so much going on in my life that I find myself in constant high-stress mode, so I’m always looking to find ways to overcome that feeling.

Her latest project, Moonlight, is a powerful film about a young boy’s coming of age.

She plays his crack-addict mother in a gripping performance she had to dig deep for.

For someone who has just arrived from Toronto, via Los Angeles, and says jet-lag is her enemy, Naomie, who recently turned 40, looks incredible. ‘I’ve discovered that the only way to combat the effects of travelling is to immerse myself in a dark pod, filled with salt water and float for an hour.