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Some stations carrying the program choose to air both daily half-hour episodes as a one-hour block, while others choose to air only one of the episodes or split them into different time slots.

Right This Minute is syndicated to stations across the country. In 2013, Magic Dust Television and the Raycom-Scripps-Cox constortium partnered with MGM Television to distribute the program to stations owned by other broadcasting companies.

There are literally hundreds of sites and TV programmes about romance scams and their victims - here are a few to look at: Whether chatting online or meeting in person, here are some things to think about.

Information like your home address, place of work even your Facebook details and so on are best kept to yourself until you feel absolutely secure about sharing them.

Full episodes of the show are also available on the show’s website, Right This

The program showcases a broad mix of viral videos trending online as well as caught-on-tape footage of stories in the news; the videos are introduced by five hosts – currently Christian Vera, Gayle Bass, Nick Calderone, Oli Pettigrew and, as of 2015, Charity Bailey – who also provide commentary on the videos being shown in each segment.

If your email address contains your full name or your surname, you might wish to consider setting up another email account which does not include your full name.

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Right This Minute (alternately abbreviated as RTM) is an American syndicated television program that debuted on September 12, 2011.