Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google , My Space, and Linked In have taken off.They are now among the top sites visited among the entire World Wide Web.

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By replacing the normal WYSIWYG editor with Markdownfield it can simplify the user experience and better ensure that modifications will not affect the structure of the page.

Silver Stripe is on it's way to becoming a polygot, mastering all the languages.

Optimised to produce highly reusable code Silver Stripe promotes coding structure that is easy to read and maintain.

Powerful frontend template engine Our templating engine is designed with frontend in mind.

From free Extras to integrated Enterprise translation services, MODX Revolution gives you the choices you need to help you create websites in as many languages as you wish.

Easy to learn Silver Stripe framework is created from the ground up to be easy to pick up and custom.

Supported at an enterprise-level Behind the collaborative contributions of our open source community, Silver Stripe products are backed by Silver Stripe Ltd.

Robust and cost effective Silver Stripe products are built with reliability in mind.

Here is a list of 12 open source platforms to build your own social networking website.

Let’s take a look at free social network software 2017.

Important Note: Also make sure that your host allows crons to be run every 5 minutes,some shared hosting plans do not allow crons to be run under 15 minutes.