They both pick up the phone, ask you out to dinner or a movie and they both claim to want to be in a relationship.But a man’s desire to be a boyfriend and his ability to actually make a commitment are two different things.

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And if the friendship does lead to marriage, shouldn’t they be best friends first anyway?

By removing the romance pressure from teens, we will find they are a lot happier and secure in their relationships with their friends and parents. Simply having their other peers around may be enough to deter some young people from engaging in harmful behaviors.

It seems like just yesterday when your eight-year old daughter was skipping along the sidewalk in overalls and pigtails.

Her main concerns were flowers, ladybugs and telling you each and every boo-boo she received while playing that day.

If the rule in consumerism is “buyer beware,” then the rule in the dating world is “babes beware.” So where do you start? How does a woman tell if she’s risking her bloodstream and her heart on a Casanova?

The good news is that there are clear signs that he’s commitment oriented. The biggest one goes back to ancient history and it relates to sacrifice.You could save your child from the pain of serious heartache, a much more devastating injury.At first blush, they both look the same – a guy who has the potential to be a loyal boyfriend or husband and a guy who has the potential to extract sex and run for the hills.As a parent, have you asked yourself what really lies behind the modern notions of dating?Or, in all honesty, do you pretty much let your children date around because, well, that’s what teenagers do?If your kids are dating and their date tries to get them to violate their conscience, that person should be dumped immediately. If Johnny tries to force Suzie to do something she does not want to do, he does not have her best interests in mind.