The special package included a coloring and a custom trim.

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You shouldn't be left alone to wallow in a tub of ice cream." "Do you have a better idea?

" "I could be your date for the night." "I appreciate the thought Eric, but I'd rather just watch some TV and go to bed early." "I can dust off my old suit and be ready in no time." "What suit?

Diane spent the week shopping for a new outfit and going to the gym to make sure that she looked as hot as she did when they first met 23 years ago.

Diane chose a loose fitting faux-wrap around dress.

At least I have cookies and cream." "That sucks, I know you've been looking forward to tonight." Eric knew that his father had gone all out and booked them a table at the most exclusive restaurant in town.

"I spent all week looking for the perfect dress and I won't even get to wear it. He said he will take me out another time." "But this is Valentine's Day.

The upper portion of the dress clung to her chest and offered a tantalizing glimpse of the curves of her breast from the deep plunging neck line.

The cleavage was so low that she wouldn't be able to wear a bra but she didn't mind because she enjoyed showing off her body to her husband.

Over time they relaxed around each other, but neither one had yet openly acknowledged the intimate act that they shared in his bed.

After several weeks had passed Diane had managed to convince herself that it was the alcohol that got to them that night and that it wasn't because they had any actual sexual feelings for each other.

Diane spent the morning at the salon getting her hair and nails done and decided to do something extra special for her man.