The show takes a close look at how we use sex—whether it’s to compensate, to distract, or to desperately forge connections.

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The differences between Valerie and Alex are striking—both are set up through Alex’s dating site (he himself wrote the code for it). When Valerie looks to delve into the dating pool using Alex’s website, she is set up with a man older than she, who still turns a critical eye to her (when the two meet up for drinks, he obtusely applauds her for “aging naturally and embracing it.” This, of course, before he tells her that, “forty–three as a guy?

Alex manipulates the software to forever set himself up with much younger, beautiful women. “A guy told me about it at Crossfit.” Dating in your mid–thirties, it seems, is a dream for men. Valerie’s husband left for a younger woman; this very same husband later calls her “cold. That’s the sweet spot for dating.” Not to spoil anything, but this guy doesn’t last all that long).

Laura, Valerie’s daughter, is as casual about sex as every PTA helicopter mom suspects (and fears).

And while Valerie is equally as open about sex with her daughter (she openly shares how her one–night stand goes), the two both falter when successfully engaging in casual relationships—Laura sees her dreamy boyfriend cheat on her, and Valerie is coerced by her secretary to hit on an equally as young waiter. falls into the more indie–dramedy category of television than anything else, so viewers looking for a neatly packaged, shiny family comedy can look elsewhere.

That bravery is incredibly admirable (and dateable).(2) They are fiercely loyal.

If you want to see this, just take a look at a crowd at the local Crossfit competition.Seems very unlikely, of course, but it certainly is fun to think about. Yeah, I said "recess." This Week in the Fitness Industry has a collection of top 2014 trend lists, a new class modeled after elementary school recess, a study on cardio vs. A Mayo Clinic researcher explains that those who work in an office setting and patients who are immobilized, among others, can be put into this category.Plus, with the options wide open, it also may tell you a little something about yourself. Women who, mind you, order bacon cheeseburgers and then describe in detail their paleo diet in the most obnoxious and cringe worthy way possible. It hurts, a bit, to see Valerie stumble through newly single life.She spends an uncomfortable night next to a man she picks up at a bar and gets bizarre life advice from her youthful secretary.All the members of the gym will take time out of their Saturday to cheer on their teammates who are competing.