From: [Redacted]Date: Tue, Feb 17, 2015 at PMSubject: Spacey story My friends and I were out in Manhattan like 9 years ago and ran into him late at some East Village bar.He took a liking to one of the guys (who is straight) and kept finding his way next to him at the bar.It wasn’t until she was boarding and saw a guy unrolling a rainbow flag that she realized her son had brought her onto a ship packed with “comrades,” as gay people in China often call themselves. In mid-June, China’s largest gay support group rented it to take LGBT people and their parents, 800 individuals in all, on a four-day journey to help them figure out how to understand and support one another.

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That probably seems like an out of left field story, but it’s the story I was told. I dated a girl who bartended @ Peanuts, in LA, back in the early 00’s. It was a popular nightclub for black men & women ‘on the down low.’ Will & Jada would hold court there, almost every night. Jada would be a little tigress with all the ladies. They would constantly be looking at each other with love in their eyes, then they’d go back to fooling around with their boy & girl toys. A few of my little gossipy tidbits from my time in NY & LA. Spacey didn’t try to act like he wasn’t with the man, chatted with my father, told him where to get the hat and went on his gay way.

From: [Redacted]Date: Mon, Dec 1, 2014 at AMSubject: Kevin Spacey and Bryan Singer’s Boyfriend (confirming Cohen’s assertion)I rarely respond or comment to articles online and certainly never email their authors unsolicited, but wanted to share a quick story about Spacey that I think confirms [Bravo host Andy] Cohen’s assertion [that Kevin Spacey is gay]: I was working in development for The Donner Company on the first “X-MEN” film in 1997-1998. When my parents returned from Aruba* they told the story in sort of a “ohhhh.... ” kind of way.* The same reader clarifies: It was actually in Puerto Rico, not Aruba—my bad.

From: [Redacted]Date: Tue, Feb 17, 2015 at PMSubject: Kevin Spacey Another to add to the list—my friend’s uncle works on the production team of in D.

C., and told my friend recently that Spacey regularly solicits the young (early 20s), male crew members for sex in his trailer.

He kept asking about our friend still locked in the bathroom, and when our sick friend finally opened the door (in just a towel, no less) to find Kevin laying on his bed, he turned right around and locked himself in there again.

Suddenly, the mood changed and Kevin didn’t appear so eager to hang out with us anymore.

Kevin Spacey had apparently followed us back to the hotel.

While we were a little creeped out, we let him in and smoked a joint and ordered late night cheeseburgers (at the time we hadn’t heard any of the rumors so thought he just found our bad jokes and terrible questions about the cool and interesting).

Your article reminded me of it today so I figured I would share…Best,[Redacted]PS: I also have a story confirming Tom Cruise being gay…an old friend James Calciano was the President of Cruise Wagner Productions during the filming of “Mission: Impossible II” in Budapest and walked in on Tom having a “cigar party” with a number of naked young men by the fireplace in the great room of a castle they had rented for the shoot. Long story short, a friend of mine was living with Spacey; in an apartment Spacey used when he was in the city. He just had to have sex [with] Spacey, when Spacey was in town. But all my friends remember it because every time we see him there, someone inevitably gets yelled at for pointing their camera phones in Spacey’s direction.

He also had to hide all pictures of Spacey, when Spacey was out of town. He’ll point out somebody taking a picture to the waitstaff and have them yell at the people—even if they’re just taking a picture of their friend and Spacey happens to be in the general direction of the background.

From: [Redacted]Date: Tue, Feb 17, 2015 at PMSubject: My Kevin Spacey story When I was in college, I had a few guy friends who were in an a cappella group that would frequently go on tour and occasionally perform for high profile guests at private parties.