There is an unreleased track of Crystal Castles called ‘instecticon’ that borrows whole chunks of belgian artist lo-bat’s work.

Here is crystal’s track: Insecticon and here is lo-bat’s My Little Droid Needs a Hand Even tho the original track has been pitched down and chopped, there is no doubt it’s the same. The license specifies that the track can be used, remixed and transformed under the following conditions: 1- Attribution. If you alter, transform, or build upon this work, you may distribute the resulting work only under a licence identical to this one In this case, non of the points have been respected.

The GPL license used in open source software has similar stipulations, and neither license means something isn’t protected by copyright law — the maker of something is still the copyright holder, and uses those rights to define the way in which they want their work used and shared.

After CMJ reported the story, widely discussed on chip community 8-bit collective, the "artist" was forced to admit the entire album was a "hoax." (Thanks, Peter Swimm, for the tip.) In fact, the track record here demonstrates that, for all Timbaland’s press as the most famous figure involved, micromusical plagiarism is rampant.

It’s not just geeks getting defensive; there’s something to this, fueled by the novelty and apparent obscurity of the music.

In the most recent case, part of the problem is people misunderstanding Creative Commons licenses, even though those licenses are designed to encourage sharing.

Is Creative Commons a safe license to use, or does it encourage this kind of theft?

The notorious Norwegian duo Fitts for Fights performed entire sets stolen from demoscene/"microscene" recordings — and kept playing the stolen tunes live.

In April of this year, Laromlab released an entire album — every last track — stolen from other recordings.Crystal Castles is the debut studio album by Canadian electronic music duo Crystal Castles; at the time of its release, the group consisted of producer Ethan Kath and singer Alice Glass.The two met each other in 2004 and both had an interest in noise music acts like AIDS Wolf.CC, it wasn’t before the story got found out: ‘unreleased’ track of them ‘bitter hearts’ is just a mash up of several lo-bat tracks with ugly drums on it. B) Crystal Castles has been getting a lot press using the image of getting sounds nobody did before by using modified old console chips and is somehow stealing the whole ‘concept’ that the chiptune community is based on, and now we discover that rather than thanking the very own ground of this, they actually ripped the guts of it.It’s actually not the first time they steal someone else’s artwork, there’s been quite a big issue about them using someone else’s drawing for their own stuff. In that case, Crystal Castles "found" an image that they decided to use without credit for promotional materials in the hopes that "the artist might reveal themselves." Then, when that artist reveal himself, it seems the band strung him along about payment and used the artwork on everything from an album cover to t-shirts without permission.I think CC is actually a solution, not part of the problem — and this illustrates that. But ready access to music online has led to a much more serious problem: digital plagiarism.