If her cuckold has been wanking his penis the entire time, she will be robbed of that opportunity – hence a chastity device could be effective until she returns to supervise his visits with his penis!Chastity can be an important part of teasing and denial play.

Teasing and denial is a form of D/s where the wife takes pleasure in purposely teasing her cuckold both physically, verbally and even mentally.

Over time, a form of chastity may be necessary when the cuckold isn’t supervised to ensure he isn’t robbing his wife or their Dom of the control necessary to making the denial aspect of teasing & denial effective. Click the left one to continue the introduction tour or, if you’ve come to this page directly and would like to start the tour from the beginning, click the right button.

This can be a problem because I prefer to not restrain a cuckold. It goes with my preference for not tying or handcuffing a cuckold: I want his submission apparent to us and to himself.

When bound, a husband has a subconscious ‘out’ for why another man is balls deep inside his wife, but when he’s kneeling by the bed, penis erect and leaking cuckold’s tears, there can be only one explanation: submission.

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Wednesday 4 January 2017 Firstly, let me wish all our site visitors a very happy and, I hope, successful and fulfilling new year.For those couples who do have a 24/7 chastity lifestyle, it doesn’t come quickly or easily and again, I want to stress that for most, chastity is simply another facet of the lifestyle to explore together in a manner suitable for you as a couple.For wives who began the cuckolding journey to overcome the frustration of having a husband with a wee little penis or perhaps a much larger one lacking in the requisite stamina to make the sexual experience satisfying, requiring her husband to experience the frustration of having their most basic pleasure and instinct denied can be an effective method of communicating the frustration she has long experienced prior to cuckolding him.There are many options for taking physical control of a cuckold’s penis in terms of the material used, how it fits and options for allowing or punishing a cuckold’s attempts at acheiving erection.Some devices are more for play than enforcing real chastity and will allow a cuckold plenty of opportunity to rub himself or even escape his device – especially if not properly fitted.Chastity, for many husbands, is something many of them fantasize about and will become very excited when it’s discussed, but tend not to ask for it – it’s something they want to have done to them. His wife’s pleasure comes before his own, this means if he’s spending the entire time rubbing his penis, his attention is definitely not where it belongs: on the union of his wife with her boyfriend.