Kofterou also believes it’s coming back in fashion and Mr. “It can make women feel a little safer if someone they know, knows the man well and therefore be more approachable,” explains Kofterou.

This subject is vast and complex and here seems to be no right or wrong answers for dating or relationships but there are insightful suggestions.

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And here, we have touched on a core problem; a small community with an ingrained ‘narrative’ of how men and women ‘should’ behave.

“By narrative, I mean the rules and stories that we have been taught by the generations before us, defining how we should be living, in order to be a ‘good woman or man’,” says Kofterou.

And to the women to try and take it as a compliment if a guy approaches you, enjoy the attention and be responsive, smile; it takes a lot of courage for some one to approach.” Matchmaker suggests “go on a second date because the first time there’s nerves.

This first impressions last thing is just not right, it’s a cliché.

You need a general level of awareness of your behaviours.

You may be putting obstacles in your way or hurting others around you.

Most people didn’t choose their partners; it was ‘broxenia’, the system where relatives or friends chose a suitable partner for their loved ones.

According to anonymous matchmaker, it isn’t a bad idea.

Kofterou encourages men to be brave and approach women to chat with them, even if they’re reluctant.