Bankrupt Zimbabwe has been exporting dozens of young elephants to China in recent years for wildlife safari parks that have since been condemned by inspectors.

Tour operators at the Falls desperate to protect their livelihoods said the killing of the professional elephant handler was 'a freak accident - one in a million'.

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This was one of our guides who had been working for us since 2005.'It's with deep regret that we advise that at 2.30pm on Saturday our domesticated elephant bull charged one of our staff that resulted in him losing his life.'Clement was an extremely competent member of staff who will be sorely missed' he said.

Two years ago a curio-seller was trampled to death by an elephant which had strayed into a shopping centre in Victoria Falls which is on the border with Zambia.

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The married father-of-two will be buried at his rural home village of Mutare.

Adventure Zone boss Mr Brent Wlliamson said: 'I am in complete shock about the whole incident.

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The victims' son Shepherd said: 'We were told my father was rounding up the elephant when he was attacked.

I don't know what we will do as he was the breadwinner.'I went with my fathers workmates to help pick up the scattered body parts'.

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