This is a guy who, after a couple of dates, wants to call you their boyfriend.

dating a pretentious man-44

This is the full of excuses guy, and quite frankly, any excuse not to see him again is a good excuse. Not only is he a liar, but this is just completely awkward because I was 100 percent expecting someone else.

He has a beard, he is wearing skinny jeans and he a flannel shirt.

You see this 40-something balding creature in the middle of the dance floor looking like a sweating octopus as he tries to dance to the latest Justin Bieber dance number.

Living vicariously through the 20-somethings he surrounds himself with, you can almost see him trying to suck the youth out of those around him like a leech.

They are loving and honest and deserve someone who can love them equally the same.

If you cannot return their affection, you do not deserve someone as special as this in your life.

Nice enough guy, but too much of a cultural difference to form anything significant.

Plus I voted to leave the EU, so deep down he secretly despises me.

I know this, because last night my roommate (who is on, showed me the numerous profiles she’s matched with online.

Some guys sound like completely obnoxious pretentious twats in their profiles, while others don’t know how to wear a picture without wearing sunglasses.

You resign yourself to the fact that he has vanished and magically disappeared from your life, leaving a gaping void in your heart and a million unanswered questions.