Vinnitsa is a small Ukrainian city, an administrative center of Vinnitsa region of Ukraine with a population of 500.000 people, a bit more that 56% of which are women.

If you translate it from a language of numbers almost 30.000 of Vinnitsa girls are lonely because of a trite lack of men.

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In our dating site’s database there are more than 1000 profiles of beautiful, young, and attractive girls from Vinnitsa who would like to solve a problem of their loneliness, who consider an international marriage as a real way of changing their life and staring their life anew. Even a superficial look at our catalogue isn’t enough for understanding that women in Vinnitsa are special. A completely different way of dressing – Vinnitsa women’s style is more reserved in comparison with a provokingly emphasized sexuality popular among girls in the south-east of the country.

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