Forget a drawer in the bathroom cabinet for your make up because his moisturising creams, skin care lotions and oils for muscle tone will occupy all the space.

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Cigarette hanging from the side of the mouth, raven hair slicked back and intense eyes capable of attracting the most beautiful stars.

After the years of “dolce vita” came those of social growth, the war was far past, we were finally distracted by the pleasures of existence, and so appeared on the beaches the Italian stallions: long hair, rippling muscles and super small speedos so as to leave very little to the imagination.

It has been said that the amazing thing about the Italian football team is not how well they play but that the nation managed to find enough players who were not too lazy to complete the team.

But, more importantly where are the romantic and suave Italians?

So if at some point taking your hand, he looks intently into your eyes and whispers you a honey-like “TI AMO”, just keep in mind that he wants something! HE’S A CHEATER: Whether beautiful or ugly, shy or daring, the Italians are by definition Casanovas.

Devils in a suit and tie, always ready to steal a kiss, following the old dictum that “hidden sin half forgiven.” At least that is what the girls seem to be convinced of, when they encounter a broody Italian they are ready to give everything, and I mean everything, except their trust. HE’S VAIN: If there is one person the Italian man is madly in love with, it is himself.

The compliments never seem too much when he wants something, and so bright eyes and sweet words are wasted in trying to obtain it.