Obviously, I am not “anti-love,” “anti-relationship,” or “anti-marriage” since I am, in fact, married.

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What Jill is really saying is, “You want me to give up 4–6 hours of my precious Friday night sitting in a restaurant and then watching a hockey game with you? Let’s do coffee instead because I really don’t have much to do on Monday anyway and having a cup of coffee might take at most an hour, and I guess you’re nice enough to look at.” Out of politeness, most people don’t say that, but economics says that the opportunity cost of a Friday or Saturday night date is too high to go out with someone we feel lukewarm about.

We choose to spend those high-opportunity-cost nights with people we really want to be with, while Mondays and Tuesdays are low-opportunity-cost days reserved for those ranked lower on our preference list.

I have had many students thank me for teaching them this concept and tell me how it made them keenly reevaluate their situation to the degree that they actually did decide to break up with their boyfriend or girlfriend.

Yes, I am proud that I believe I can claim, “No other professor has broken up more relationships or prevented more marriages.” Think of the drama, trauma, hours of therapy, and potential attorney fees that my class has prevented! Malek is a Professor of Economics at De Anza College (Cupertino, California) and an Economics Lecturer at San Jose State University.

Therefore, it will be a suboptimal use of my time to keep this relationship going.

Goodbye.” Usually, the letdown is much nicer, but the economic reasoning is nevertheless the same.

But how about we meet for lunch on Tuesday instead?

” Through her responses, Jill is sending a clear signal to Jack.

So, if you ask someone out and they say, “I’d love to, but I have to study tonight,” what they are really saying is that the benefit of going out with you is less than the cost — the study time they would give up by going out with you.