Side Valve (SV) or flathead engines gave way to Overhead Valves (OHV), which were eclipsed by Overhead Cams (OHC), which were in turn trumped by Dual Overhead Cams (DOHC), years ahead of production motorcycles.This 1953 Norton Manx was as sophisticated & developed as any big single would be, with a Single Overhead Cam driven by a shaft & bevel gears. A rear drum brake was added as per the original bike. A great restored and rebuilt Harley-Davidson replica Motorcycle.

It's full double-cradle design (unusual at the time) gave it stiffness & its brilliant geometry gave it superior handling.

CLASSIC BRITISH RACING MOTORCYCLES - PREWAR TO POSTWAR As engine technology developed, racing engines led the way.

Year: 1956 Manufacturer: Harley-Davidson Model: Panhead – Captain America Replica Colour: Red White and Blue Drive Type: Chain Start Type: Kick Start Replica 1956 Easy Rider Panhead Harley-Davison. We regularly feature very nice restored Harley-Davidson Easy Rider Replica – 1956 bikes for sale.

This Panhead has been restored and rebuilt as a replica Captain America Chopper as ridden by Peter Fonda in the film Easy Rider. Australia - Classic Motorcycles For Sale Canada - Classic Motorcycles For Sale Ireland - Classic Motorcycles For Sale UK - Classic Motorcycles For Sale USA - Classic Motorcycles For Sale ________________________________________________________________ If you require Spare Parts for your Harley-Davidson Easy Rider Replica – 1956 then try our spare part suppliers listings at Harley-Davidson Easy Rider Replica – 1956 Spares and Parts ________________________________________________________________ If you need a Workshop Manual for your Harley-Davidson Easy Rider Replica – 1956 then try our Emanual download links at Harley-Davidson Easy Rider Replica – 1956 Workshop Manuals and Handbooks ________________________________________________________________ We welcome your comments and feedback on every bike published ....

Moto GP has a rich history with the Grand Prix taking place in multiple places of the world, and it saw 2.4 million people through the gates.

CLASSIC BRITISH RACING MOTORCYCLES - PAVING THE WAY From the earliest days of the Motorcycles' history, British motorcycles were at the forefront of racing design & technology.

Even though a San Diego personal injury attorney would advise against entering such a hazardous race, the best riders are willing to accept the risk to take part in the prestigious Isle of Man TT.

CLASSIC BRITISH RACING MOTORCYCLES - IT'S ALL ABOUT THE BIKES In the end, is just that: a site dedicated to the appreciation of our favorite motorcycles. ROAD RACING MOTORCYCLES - 1953 NORTON MANX This 1953 Norton Manx Road Racer (above) represented the state-of-the-art of racing motorcycle technology in 1953.

This frame (pictured above) raised handling performance to an entirely new level, instantly making every other motorcycle racing frame obsolete.

The Featherbed Frame extended the life of the big Norton single by at least a decade, proving the value of handling, even over outright horsepower.

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