This page contains links to information about various proprietary card games which require a special pack of cards promoted and sold by a particular manufacturer.

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Dating cabinet card phtographs video

The 52-card pack uses colours (red, green, yellow, blue) instead of suit symbols, and has numbers 2-14 of each colour, with the top four cards of each suit marked with 1-4 dots representing their Milton Work point count.

Since cards of the same rank differ only in colour, these cards will be unsuitable for some colour-blind players, but it is easy to substitute a standard deck of playing-cards.

The two final attack cards can be used to win the game when your three combatants are fully armed and guarded.

This American version of Quartet, Go Fish or Happy Families is sometimes played with standard playing-cards, but originally cards showing famous authors were used.

Rules were included for five games involving making words, either on a layout or by collecting cards in your hand.

A combat game for 2-4 players, but not a CCG (trading game).

You can order Abridged from There are 74 cards representing letters of the alphabet - 42 consonants, 32 vowels and 2 wild cards.

While the consonant cards each represent a single letter, the vowel cards give a choice of two vowels and the wild cards represent any letter.

Several games for these cards are offered; for example in New Word, players take turns to make the highest scoring word they can from the cards in their hand together with those left on the table from the previous play, unused table cards being discarded after each turn.

This was a 110 card pack consisting of letters A to Z in four suits (red triangle, green circle, blue star and brown square) plus four jokers and two further wild cards.

Rules in various languages are available from the Amigo game instructions page.