PT Karakatau Wajatama was establish in 1992 producing various types of high quality steel bars such as INP, IWF, H-Beam, U-Channel, and L-Angles, Deformed and Plain Bars and steel wire rod.

This company has three production facilities – Section Mill, Bar Mill, and Cold Wire Drawing.

In the first stage it will expand its capacity by 1 million tons a year in 2008 and continues the expansion program to bring its annual capacity to 10 million tons in 2013 and to 20 million tons in 2020. Sponge Iron: 2.3 million ton per year (HYL I: 1 million tons; HYL III: 1.3 million tons)Steel Slab: 1.8 million tons per year (Plant I: 1 million tons; Plant II: 800,000 tons)Steel Billet: 675,000 tons per year HRC: 2.5 million tons per year CRC: 650,000 tons per year Wire Rod: 450,000 tons per year PT KS Subsidiaries There is 3 subsidiary companies under PT KS, they are PT.

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PT KHI Pipe Industries (PT KHI) was established in 1972, producing steel pipe.

This company has an annual production capacity of 155,000 tons of spiral pipe.

PT KHI is the only producer of spiral pipes in Indonesia with international recognition.

Its factory is located over a 160,000 m2 plot of land in Cilegon, producing welded spiral steel pipes with diameters from 4 to 8 inches from various types of steel with a thickness of up to 25mm.

Its holding company is state-owned steel maker PT Krakatau Steel (KS), which was established in 1971. In 2003, its authorized capital was IDR 2 trillion (US$200 million).

In 35 years, here was no significant increase made in expanding its capacity.

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In utilizing the iron ore reserve, KS will cooperate with PT Sebuku Iron Leteric Ores (PT SILO) as the mining operator in the island of Sebuku and with CV Source Daya Alam which holds the mining authority in the Karang Tunggal sub-district, Tasikmalaya, West Java.