There are many things that can get in your way and stop you from having the love you deserve. With a relationship counselor you can find those patterns and change them with the help of a Dating Counselor.

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Are you tired of serial monogamy – dating one person until you notice that this is the wrong person for you from the beginning?

And somehow they all seem like the same person over and over again just a different body.

Natalia holds a degree in Gender Studies from Queen’s University, as well as an Education degree, and is certified as a yoga teacher and dating coach.

Natalia’s dating coach services include breakup coaching, online dating strategy and relationship coaching in Toronto.

What if you could -- without stress -- go out and meet singles and actually enjoy your conversation?

Basic skills in counseling are amplifications of communication skills. And getting on the same heart beat using your Heart Math skills. Listening and assertive communication are discrete skills that can be learned, and once learned, can be used to enhance any relationship.

It doesn't matter how old you are or what you look like--what matters is what you believe, how you feel, and how you act.

Evan is like the wise older brother I always wish I had to guide me through the trenches of dating.

I understand; I have been there too and it is lonely.