Find something that the two of you can cling to as sacred and shared only by the two of you.

And, after a certain level of emotional health is reached, sex makes vital contributions to the emotional health of a marriage.

Make sure you understand the importance of your sexual and emotional relationship with your spouse and act accordingly.

Though these suggestions are not a quick fix, I believe they are effective in addressing the problems that arise from having a less-than-perfect past.

Other couples have put these suggestions into practice, and it has worked.

Unfortunately, like the woman in the film, some people carry romantic regret far too long, but God wants to give us freedom in our emotions from the pain of the past, no matter the reason.

So if romantic regret haunts you, what should you do?I recently thought about this when I watched a film about an elderly woman who was on her death bed.While her daughters stood nearby, she talked in her sleep, dreamt of her youth and murmured about a young man named Harris.We feel as though we've been robbed of something that should only belong to us.We actually feel violated by sharing our spouse with another person, even if it happened a long time ago.Usually telling the basics will suffice, but tell as much as he or she wants to know.