where in Eindhoven your hometown team’s next match is shown on TV or where to get Peking duck & hot pot?

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Despite some technical challenges, Blue Jay's partners and other guests could already experience how it feels to interact with the drone.

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In the short term, electrical stimulation of the lumbar spinal cord reawakens the neuronal circuits that coordinate leg movements.

In the long-term, rehabilitation enabled by this stimulation and cutting-edge gravity assistance promotes a reorganization of neuronal pathways.

Each day at Eindhoven University of Technology we work on the future of our society.

In our research laboratories, in our lecture rooms and with student teams.

The robots and their software are flexible, so they can be used for different jobs.

Their size (they’re small), weight (only 30 kilos) and force sensors also make them very safe to work with. Just let that sink in while we move on to the next breakthrough.’s electric car will drive to several destinations in Eindhoven – without a chauffeur!Currently they are produced in nuclear reactors which are old and need a lot of maintenance. Amber Mobility has big plans: after Eindhoven, they will expand rapidly to other Dutch markets and, after that – conquer the rest of Europe. A special patch (or, as they call it: pad) is attached to the wound.Medical isotopes are therefore not always immediately available to doctors and patients. Currently, it takes companies up to 9 months before they find out that they have been hacked. By using real-time blocking and visual insight, Dutch startup Bit Sensor, founded by two students from the Technical University of Eindhoven tracks cyber-attacks in a mere 50 milliseconds. An electronic pulser then sends electric current to the pad, which induces the matter cold plasma which boosts wound healing.is globally known for determining Moore’s Law with its photolithography systems for the semiconductor industry (you know, tiny computer chips). In their search for a future light source for machines, researchers discovered this could possibly be used to produce medical isotopes. These self-driving vehicles from the future are meant for shared commuter use through a business-to-business car sharing platform.They were not exactly known for providing a possible breakthrough in cancer research in the medical world. And that’s huge, because isotopes are used in hospitals to diagnose diseases like cancer. Amber is currently being equipped with new hardware such as camera’s and radar systems from NVIDIA and smart algorithms of Microsoft. Their innovative treatment method to heal chronic wounds – for example on feet of diabetic patients – is deservedly receiving a lot of international attention.On the 15th of June we will demonstrate our unique drones in the Ronald Mc Donald living room of the Máxima Medisch Centrum in Veldhoven.