What’s more, I will also be arranging the transfer of Harris Tweed Authority records currently held at the Highland Archive Centre in Inverness.

The majority of this material relates to a large court case that took place in the early 1960s, which debated whether a group of tweed manufacturers were entitled to call the cloth they were producing Harris Tweed, when it was only the weaving part of the production process that was taking place in the Outer Hebrides.

In 2012, during the original Tasglann nan Eilean Siar project, the Harris Tweed Authority (which replaced the Harris Tweed Association in 1993) donated a large collection of records to the archive.

There are over 20 boxes of material, but at the moment it is not easily accessible.

The face-to-face pockets allow you to conveniently carry two watches, or a watch and some straps, or a watch and a pair of sunglasses, in a case the size of a single watch pouch.

The fold is then secured with a leather strap that one wraps around and tucks under itself for a secure closure.

The gorgeous ash gray color pairs beautifully with the dark burgundy of the Color 8 leather, creating a dark and sophisticated palette.

This is probably our sleekest combo to date, and will make a great carrying/storage case for your favorite watch or two.The story of Harris Tweed is similar to a Cumbrian hill farmer's: it's a traditional industry, born of farming in a beautiful, rugged landscape.And now that story has been told through the lens of a Cumbrian photographer.Price is fair, Quality is fantastic, I highly recommend it!Haven't found a shop in/around Zurich, and harristweed schweiz is just tooo expensive...Tasglann nan Eilean is one of eight archives to receive funding in this round of the Programme (the full list of projects can be found here: