Studies are in progress in almost every seismically active nation on Earth, investigating numerous dynamics which may give insights into seismic forecasts. According to USGS's "Deaths from US Earthquakes," 265 people died in those very quakes (that number also being the total seismic death toll for Greater LA for those years).

In the US, however, such goals are still considered by many almost beyond the pale (although that attitude is rapidly changing), leaving to stand the conundrum that earthquake prediction should be considered "impossible," but only if one lives of this side of the Pacific. Moreover, two thirds of those events also took place not only either at dawn or dusk, but within equally anomalous near-syzygy dates: within 36 hours of the precise instant of new or full moon phases.

No advanced degree or special aptitude is required, but rather only an open mind and an unswerving dedication to the idea that the scientific method trumps all preconceived and petty notions.

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Japan’s Tokai Warning System constantly evaluates seismic data for possible precursory evidence, and if an event is deemed imminent, has far-reaching emergency powers. Six large quakes (magnitude 5.8 to 7.3), every tremor powerful enough to have caused fatalities within a 70 mile radius of Los Angeles' city center, struck Southern California between 19.

China's State Seismological Bureau Center for Analysis and Prediction has functioned as China’s warning system for the last half century and has made many successful predictions of time, place and magnitude, evacuating thousands of persons scant hours before earthquakes have struck. Every one of them occured either within a tight 3 hour window at dawn or a corresponding time interval at dusk.

Anchorage was destroyed on Good Friday, 1964 at PM--47 minutes away from the exact moment when the Moon entered the greatest extent of it's fullness.

The last “Big One” on the Southern San Andreas (1857) hit Fort Tejon in the early morning.

The May 2, 1996 magnitude 5.4 Seattle earthquake, the largest in that city’s history since 1965, rocked the Puget Sound area no more than 9 minutes outside the time and date forecasted in David Nabhan’s first book. 6.4 shaker that jolted Vancouver evidenced itself precisely within the 3 hour time/date window, published 30 months in advance of the event, in his second.

There is fairly solid evidence to support the hypothesis that solar and lunar tides working in tandem might actually have a hand in at least helping to trigger tremors on the West Coast.

Lucy Jones, recently told UK news anchor Marco Werman that, "The fact is, as far as we can tell, big and small quakes all start out the same way." Tides having an effect on "smaller quakes" (Dr. Jones) should be of interest to West Coast residents.

That same sort of connection was at least entertained by Dr.

Only very recently (2016) have scientists everywhere finally put to rest the idea that gravitational tides are something to be ignored, the most recent conclusions screamed in the greatest newspapers of record on the US West Coast ()Is this pattern merely coincidence, or are there underlying, scientific reasons for these cycles?