This show does not rest it’s laurels on the false notion that only bad people are racist and good people can’t possibly be that way.A narrator with an “ethnic, but non-threatening voice” describes the social landscape at the prestigious Winchester University.Whatever was on this mysterious invite is what prompted droves of white students to show up in blackface.

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It includes a humor magazine called Pastiche, which hosts a blackface party that is quickly shut down by actual Black students.

It’s worth noting that the actual members of Pastiche appear to be pretty confused at the scene unfolding around them, and Samantha White (Logan Browning) is catching the entire ordeal — which involves Black students crashing the party, and cops showing up — on camera.

Their vision for racial empowerment involves suits, ties, and politics. As the organizations bicker about the best way to respond to the blackface party, a photo of Sam that Gabe tagged with the hashtag “#hateitwhen bae leaves” circulates around the group. Not quite ready for this openness, Sam confronts Gabe about the photo — she’s completely justified in doing so since he posted it without her permission.

This prompts major side-eyes from Sam's fellow caucus members. But it is ultimately her own embarrassment about his race that is causing her discomfort.

It’s the internal thoughts that people have about groups that are different from their own, and how they talk about those differences with people within our own race or ethnic group.

For every act of blatant discrimination against people of color, there are are a hundred microaggressions on the other end of the ‘obviously racist’ spectrum, and thousands of acts that fall somewhere in between.

In a flashback scene, we see how the homophobia attached to toxic masculinity has stood in the way of Lionel connecting with other Black people.

However, that doesn’t stop him from feeling stirred to action when he gets an invite to the Dear Black People party.

Taking advantage of the opportunity to tell her own truth, Sam gets back on the air to admit that she set up the “social experiment” to “wake some folks up” and declares that Winchester has a problem.