Unlike Kluson tuners however, Kluson is not written on the tuner and they have threaded bushings like a nut, not a press in bushing.

Used mostly on early prepro Charvel guitars dating from the 1979 - 80 time frame.

These tuners are rare and it is even rarer to find them on Charvels manufactured during the serialized era, 1982 - 1986.

All Charvels after that time would be fitted with this style of tuner unless the customer specified otherwise.

These tuners have a larger more oval shaped (not crown shape) tuner keys and unlike the crown head tuners, which have the mounting (set) screw perpendicular to the tuner bottom, these non-logoed Gotohs had the mounting (set) screw parallel with the tuner bottom (base).

Note that the gold platingand I have only seen this logo'd style on a few Charvels, mostly from the mid 3000 serial number range.

Unlike the gold plating (finish) on the crown head and non-logo'd gold Gotohs which was typically easily worn/faded, the finish on these gold logo'd tuners is brighter/richer in color and usually do not show signs of wear.either chrome or black Grover tuners were specified on the work order (build sheet) by the customer.In fact, I know of only one serialized example having this style of tuner, Charvel #1505 dating from 1982.These tuners closely resemble Kluson tuners in appearance and both have split shafts and the same mounting screw position.The most commonly used tuner throughout the serialized Charvel era (1982 - 1986).This tuner was the default tuner used on all Charvels manufactured after the phasing out of the crown head style tuners in mid 1982.This style of "crown head" tuners was used briefly in 1982 (only for a few months) and is found on Charvels in the 1200 - 1400 ish serial number range.