Also, you'll need to know how to set the clock in beat after fitting it yourself.The only other thing that might be required is a new mainspring (£35) but it's fairly rare.Some of the prominent Torsion clock makers include Gustav Becker (Image 1), Jahresuhrenfabrik ("JUF" - who coined the 'Anniversary' name and also produced a larger "bandstand " version as in Image 2), Kienzle, Kieninger & Obergfell (Kund O), Badische Uhrenfabrik (Image 3) and Phillip Haas.

400 day clocks also have a reputation for poor time-keeping but that's partly because they are left uncorrected for weeks as they don't need frequent winds, so it's often just a gradual accumulation of a lost half-minute each day.

Mainly German in origin, a great many Anniversary clocks are very well machined, on a par with French carriage clocks.

Uniquely, these Grivolas clocks are front wound and Images 4 & 5 show the front and back of the movement.

But there are many more including the collectible (and overpriced) Universe clock from Kaiser.

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