In some cases this is true, but you should never go into a date assuming this or it might lead to a very awkward and uncomfortable situation.

I’ve met ladyboys who are architects, accountants, cartoonists, phone technicians, and history students – all of which had very individual and unique tastes and hobbies.

And remember, she works hard for the money, so hard for it honey (no pun intended), so you’d better tip her right – nothing less than 100BHT will do.

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Thai ladyboys, just like the vast majority of Thais, feel very strongly about their family, the King (monarchy), and their religion.

You shouldn’t say anything negative on these subjects (especially when on a first date! In fact, you are best to avoid any conversation on the monarchy and religion altogether.

If your kids are fans of Beyoncé and Whitney Houston, why deny them the privelege of watching a (freakishly similar) cover-show?

Not to be misunderstood as ‘covered-show’, some acts do contain a little nudity. Our resident Wander Woman with a passion for languages, big cities and bronzer.

It doesn’t matter whether the ladyboy you are about to date is from a farm in Issan, an ex-gogo dancer, or the offspring of a top Bangkok police chief, if you don’t show your ladyboy date respect – you probably won’t get any in return and things are sure to turn sour.

In some ways Thai culture is very simple; smile at people in the street and they will smile back twice as big, be respectful and get lots of respect in return.

The ladyboy population are an extremely diverse group of people and to make assumptions about how a ladyboy has grown up, what her ambitions are, what she does for a living, or what she wants simply based on the fact she is a ladyboy – is a pretty dumb move.

Perhaps the biggest assumption that a lot of guys make when dating ladyboys is that their date is really after money or a boyfriend who will take care of them financially.

Behold Cascade, where everybody knows your name – unless you’d rather give out a fake one.

Cascade has its regulars who frequent the bar for its stunning ladyboys.

Shows take place in a small room and are therefore intimate – performers often mix with guests and even make jokes at your expense. When she's not listening to The Smiths a little too loudly at the office (after hours!