These signs he misses you are a simple and easy guide to give you all the hints you need to find out without doubt. No silly, we don’t mean inappropriate Snapchat pictures that you will later regret.A cute selfie is all his asking, something that he can stare all day. Maybe you broke up because you couldn’t take the long distance relationship any longer, but that doesn’t mean that the feelings have disappeared.

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It’s where the magic happens, when emotions are tied with tunes forever and ever.

You are in a meeting or watching a movie at the cinema and your phone keeps ringing.

He couldn’t help it and liked that photo in public.

He knew that you would see it, but in any case he did it.

You fire away your SMS and within seconds you got a reply, as if he was staring his i Phone waiting all day for you to text him.

He never gets his eyes off his smartphone, because he is eagerly waiting for your text to show up on the screen.And when you think about it, nothing was wrong about your relationship except the fact that you were not living in the same city.One of the signs he misses you is that he still wants to spend his time with the every day version of you, not some ideal person that he created in his mind upon your absence. One of the most obvious signs he misses you is when he answers all your text messages instantly!You start freaking out, asking if he is alright and his response is “sure, wanna grab a coffee? And when you are in love, you don’t think straight, you are just following your heart. He actually wears that funny pair of socks you got him last winter.Even if he only wears black or gray socks, your colorful gift was something special for him.He wants to see your pretty face, to watch you smile when he makes that well-prepared joke. He liked a picture of you that has been on Facebook for more than 3 years.