You can swap contact details with other members after our dinners.

The more professional sites will ask you to identify your basic criteria of likes and dislikes, etc.

Be clear about your "willing to compromise list" (e.g.

Since then, we have helped countless members form long-term relationships or friendships through our service.

Our members are often time-poor and concerned about how they spend their leisure time and with whom.

They can help you manage your expectations, be clear about your selection criteria and reduce anxiety and stress.

Remember the golden rules of internet dating: It’s important to manage one's expectations when entering online dating.

“If I am paying a Membership Fee to join, I expect more than just an online questionnaire or chat over the phone.

Otherwise, how do you know your members – and whether they’re honest and genuine”?

Keep doing things that make you feel good about yourself outside of online dating.

A healthy attitude toward online dating and having realistic expectations will help prevent negative feelings.

(At Tablemates, we offer our Dinner Invitations at least 10 days in advance. No cancellations or filling seats at the last minute).