Scientists assume that all the material in the Solar System formed at the same time.

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At some point in the early history of Earth, a planetoid the size of Mars crashed into our planet.

The resulting collision sent debris into orbit that eventually became the Moon.

Plate tectonics constantly recycle portions of the Earth, blending it up and forever hiding the oldest regions of the planet.

But assuming that everything in the Solar System formed at the same time, meteorites in space have been unaffected by weathering and plate tectonics here on Earth.

Some materials decay quickly, while others can take millions or even billions of years to fully decay.

Ernest Rutherford and Frederick Soddy, working at Mc Gill University, determined that half of any isotope of a radioactive element decays into another isotope at a set rate.

Unfortunately, they were all flawed for various reasons.

Radiometric Dating Provides an Accurate Method to Know the Age of the Earth In 1896, the French chemist A.

Older parts of the surface slide under newer plates to be recycled in the Earth’s core.