During the first years of the 20th century, progressives and reformers actively sought to better the lives and conditions of working-class Americans, and many were particularly inspired to aid the educational endeavors of young women. The Civil War had left its harsh imprint on many women when millions lost or had to support the survivors, many with ruinous injury.

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An exhibit of Newcomb pottery was made at the Paris Exposition of 1900 and received the award of a bronze medal. The flora of the South has very largely furnished the motif for the decoration, the prevailing and characteristic tone of which is a bluish green.

Among the latest developments are some exceedingly original and artistic lamps, with perforated shades. Newcomb pottery has a distinction all its own, and there is no trace in it of any previous type, either foreign or otherwise.

A distinctly original art ware is now in course of development at Newcomb College, New Orleans, as a new departure in practical education.

In the five years during which this experimental work has been in progress, a pottery has been evolved which already possesses a high degree of individuality and a positive art value.

Sheerer, they are allowed full freedom in their work, and it is thus happens that every piece shows the individuality of its creator, no matter whether it be incised, painted in slip on the clay or in mineral colors on the biscuit.

Some of the colored glazes are triumphs of technical skill.

So successful has this experimental work proved that the output of the pottery is at times insufficient to meet the demands of purchasers, but commercial considerations have from the first been held subordinate to artistic requirements.

After a pupil has received the full course of instruction usually extending over about four years, and has become sufficiently qualified to originate and execute independently, she is free to continue her work in the pottery without the payment of further tuition.

The ware is made by students of the Art Department, under the supervision of Professor Ellsworth Woodward, Director of Art Instruction, and his competent assistant Miss Mary G.

Sheerer, from the Cincinnati Art Academy, who has personal charge of the instruction.

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