The committee chairmen are: Academics — Donna Ccttei, Jud Wampole. formality, created an obtsacle to student-faculty relations. Stenger both felt that the students placed entirely too much emphasis on the grade and that the professors, in most cases, were less concerned about it than the students.

All those wishing to help Council achieve its goals should contact the chairmen of the committees or Council president "Eric Shafer. Council at present is in need of interested students to help out on the above committees.

Pakistan, a nation divided by one thousand miles of Indian ter- ritory, came to birth in August, 1947, when the Indian subcon- tinent was partitioned into the two nations of India and Pakistan.

The very word "Pakistan" is an acronym for eight separate terri- tories which might have been in- corporated into a single Islamic state.

The young Moslem who coined it in 1933 at Cambridge University included Iran and Af- ghanistan, but not Bengal.

Bengal has become the theater of the pres- ent atroci Ues.

Council president Eric Shafer This week's Student Coun- cil meeting will discuss re- forms of student government. The meeting will be held on Thursday, September 16. The fund drive is be- ing organized by Class of '72 president Rich Goldberg.

All those interested in assisting should con- tact him. Festival of the Arts— Chris Har- ing, Barb Gunning. The importance of faculty post- ing office hours was stressed by all concerned. Big Name — Chuck Diakon, Blake Maries (finances, tickets). Course - Faculty Evaluations — Sam Lindsay, Les Wexler. It was also suggested that the large num- ber of required courses creates a widespread situation involving stu- dents being forced to take courses in which they have no interest. Other faculty members quest- ioned student motivation, express- ing doubt as to whether students could motivate themselves without being forced to do so by strict curriculum and grading conditions.The student pro- posal for self-scheduled exams was used as an example of student re- fom demands in an area which does not really demand it.The students, however, disagreed with the faculty's appraisal.The details of the budget will appear in a later issue of the weekly.