Tip: Although shisha is quite different from tobacco, make sure your date isn't devoted to maintaining perfectly pink lungs before making any reservations.

Turn up the fun factor by challenging your date to a game.

Choose from demonstration classes, interactive classes, or wine classes. They've got some of the cheapest vino bottles you’ll find in Chicago, and you’ll be sent home with lots of leftovers.

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It's near impossible not to pick up on the sexy vibes in the dimly lit, curtained-off rooms in one of Chicago's top hookah bars.

Also, there’s something about lounging atop pillows on the floor that makes conversation flow easier.

With gorgeous skylines, prime lakefront access, a vibrant and always-growing food and drink scene, and a population of nearly 3 million, Chicago is arguably one of the best cities for dating.

And while there’s no shortage of romantic spots and activities in this sprawling town, sometimes we all need a little help coming up with something novel, thrilling, or downright out there to help bring us a little closer to that (potentially) someone special.

Start off with some of these top picks for mimosas and Bloody Marys.

If things have been going well, you might even be able to sneak in a midday nap.

Kick off the night with a round of Chicago-style dogs at Superdawg, then make your way over to Southport Lanes -- one of the few bowling alleys that still uses human pinsetters.

Cap off the evening over hot fudge sundaes at Margie’s Candies and try to snag a seat in the famed "Beatles Booth" where the Fab Four once sat.

Last-minute location details and surprise menus are just part of the thrill of these covertly operated eateries.