" Whose Line was also given homage on the Cartoon Network series MAD, which was a parody crossover entitled, "Doctor Who's Line Is It Anyway?" Two of the doctors from doctor who plus Wayne Brady were featured in this parody.The titular character Tori Vega (Victoria Justice), Andre Harris (Leon Thomas III), Cat Valentine (Ariana Grande), Beck Oliver (Avan Jogia) and Jade West (Liz Gillies) were the performers for this game.

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version of the British improvisational-comedy showcase features a panel of talented performers who wing it unscripted and unrehearsed. Featuring Ryan Stiles, Colin Mochrie and Wayne Brady. Season 5, Episode 5October 7, 2002Games include “Scenes from a Hat,” “Song Styles,” “Multiple Personalities” and “Props.” Regulars include Ryan Stiles, Colin Mochrie and Wayne Brady. Season 5, Episode 6October 21, 2002Games include a round of “Questions Only” dedicated to queries about “The Wizard of Oz”; “News Flash”; “Song Styles”; and a sexed-up “Sesame Street”-inspired rendition of “Scenes from a Hat.” Ryan Stiles, Colin Mochrie, Wayne Brady and Drew Carey.

Season 5, Episode 4September 30, 2002Florence Henderson drops by for a round of “Duet” and a game in which words containing the letter L are forbidden.

The following games are based around the performer(s) singing: Improv music by Laura Hall, Linda R.

Taylor, Cece Worrall-Rubin, Anne King, Candy Girard, and Anna Wanselius.

Also: “Scenes from a Hat.” Ryan Stiles and Colin Mochrie also appear.

Season 5, Episode 3September 23, 2002Games include a round of “Props” with host Drew Carey; and “Awards,” with Brad Sherwood and Wayne Brady as presenters at a function honoring frat boys.

Season 5, Episode 14January 24, 2003Games include Wayne as a whole family of acrobats in “Let's Make a Date”; and Ryan as the star of “Drew Carey, The Musical.” Also: A round of “Dubbing”; “Scenes From a Hat”; and “Props.” Other players include Colin Mochrie and host Drew Carey.

Season 5, Episode 16April 10, 2003Wayne Brady loses more than his shirt at a casino, and plays both Michael Jackson and James Brown in a “celebrity death match.” Also: the Blues Brothers sing to a sign-language interpreter; and host Drew Carey joins in a “Hoedown” about growing up.

At the end of each show, Drew would pick a winner/winners, and the winner(s) would get to act out with Drew, with one of the losers sitting at Drew's desk (sometimes, the winner would sit in Drew's desk leaving (some of) the losers to act out a scene with Drew).

Starting in season two, and just like in the original UK version, (some of) the performers would read the closing credits in the style of Drew's choosing, usually based on a scene earlier in the program; most times in later seasons, the winner(s) chosen by Drew would do this.

OPENING SPIEL: "Good Evening (everybody), and welcome to 'Whose Line Is It Anyway? That's right, the points are like (insert funny fact)." Whose Line is it Anyway?