When I want to hold my energy close and exist in my higher chakras, I’m thinking about my angelic spirit guides and the work I’m doing here. The other night my girlfriend and I were kissing on the couch and when we moved into the bedroom I stopped the fun and was like: “Wait, just let me meditate real quick! ” And then I guided us through some vibrational chanting.” When I opened my eyes 15-20 minutes later and looked over, she was passed out and snoring with her mouth open. On the other hand, I find myself trying to turn the work I’m doing into “our” work. I know this is sounding like a Christian teen sleepover or a day at a Waldorf school, but it was great. Instead of that awkward moment in the kitchen, “Shit, did our roommate hear me cumming? doing vibrational chanting work and daily gratitudes??

If your partner is down to respect and accept where you’re at, then maybe during this time they can do something useful with their energy too, like work on their kickboxing moves or reorganize the fridge.

And then when you’ve ridden out that wave and got what you need, you can come back together roaring and ready to meld energies, have sex all night and transcend together with some candles, wine and Kenny G.

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Zen is a form of Buddhism that places emphasis on attaining awakening or the “path of enlightenment.” It’s used as a method of trying to discover the true meaning of life.

Zen teaches its followers to strip away their “layers” – their expectations, opinions and even beliefs – so that they can see the truth of who they really are and what they really want in their lives.

The other night, instead of meditating, I asked her participate with me as we shouted what we are grateful for. ” Thankfully, taking the leap into the land of heart-warming cheesiness can be just as bonding as sex.

Sometimes we tackle the bigger questions in relationships like cheating, differences in values, or whether or not we want kids. Like telling your partner you aren’t really feeling sexual, and them being able to respect that space and not feel threatened/slighted/or like you think they’re ugly now. I’m wanting to not have sex for a bit ’cause I’m tryna connect with my guides and my third eye this week.” Or “Hey I can’t have sex cause I’m cleansing/grounding my energy before a ceremony.” And them being able to accept where you’re at, and not go parading around in Agent Provocateur panties or send you nude selfies of them masturbating or watch porn beside you at high volumes while you’re trying to meditate.

The album achieved success in francophone countries and provided five singles (two of them were only released as promotional singles): "Larsen" (#38 in France), "Zen" (#23 in France) and "Un point c'est toi" (#24 in France).