Shouldn’t we be more open to people different from us? ” Sounds like a match made in stoner heaven, at least for a month or two. and Dave might be better served dating someone unlike them.

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Ryan Moxon is one of the most laid-back, straightforward guys I've ever talked to, so it's only natural that he created the most laid-back, straightforward dating website for stoners, 420

Moxon, 28, created the site described as "an alternative dating site for people who enjoy marijuana aka 420-friendly dating" because he saw a demand for it.

A lot of people think stoners are stupid, lazy hippies and stuff like that; we get all these stereotypes, but these are the same people going and getting shitfaced all the time and then banging some random person at a club and it's dirty and not fun. [] I'd rather kick back and smoke a bowl and go hiking or something.

If you met a girl and she didn't smoke, would you still date her?

I had the logo designed and after I had the site set up, I launched an ad campaign on Reddit. I just thought, And all my friends kept asking me as months and years went by, "How much money are you making? I do message back and forth with people a lot, but I've kind of given up on trying to meet people on my site. This guy who's been a super-huge fan of my site, his name is Larry, he's an old Vietnam vet and he met someone on the site and they're dating and they fuckin' really like each other.

Then people just started joining and slowly but surely more people kept joining. Once you had the idea for the site, did you run it past your friends first? " and I'd say, "Well, not that much." And they'd say, "Yeah, dude, forget it." They were always telling me to forget about it, sell the site for a thousand bucks if I could. Kind of like the old saying, "Don't do your own stash." I'm trying to leave the field as open as possible for my members because there are a lot of men on the site. They're all lovey-dovey and stuff, and now he's got himself a lady and she's happy and he's happy. After a nice Italian dinner, they go back to Dave’s place, settle into his faux-suede sofa and clink glasses of cheap Merlot. But then Dave reaches under his sofa and pulls a pre-rolled joint out of his stash box. The need to genuinely connect with our fellow humans trumps the desire to date a fellow farmer—or stoner. “No,” the husband answered, “we were trying not to die.” Bottom line: There’s a common and more essential tie that attracts and binds us regardless of our personal predilections. Most people I know, even if they don’t partake, aren’t horribly put off by those who do. Looking through these stoner matchmaking sites, I asked myself: Would I want to date someone who considers smoking pot a primary identifier?The 20-person limo-style hotbox is roaming the streets of the Mile-High City starting today, and has plans to travel to other states where recreational marijuana is legal in the months ahead.