Compared to other online dating platforms which can have a sign-up process that can take a number of steps and be quite tedious, Mingle2 is refreshing for those members who want a more seamless experience without too much input needed.Even though the ability to sign-up for a membership is easy and quick, you may find that Mingle2 is sparse in terms of its’ profiles with the focus being more on showcasing profile pictures rather than highlighting the information about the user themselves and what they are like.Mingle2 will also asks you to fill out questions about ‘your lifestyle’ such as whether or not you want marriage or children, how often do you drink and/or smoke, and how religious do you happen to be?

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Mingle2 used to be known as Just Say Hi before it changed its’ name to its’ current title as Mingle2 back in the year 2008.

Unlike other dating sites, Mingle2 relies on advertisements on its’ website in order to form the base for most of its’ total revenue.

You’ll just have to sign-up and find out for yourself which kind of dating you’re most likely to find on Mingle2.

For most members of Mingle2, they will adopt the free membership plan in order to try out the website and see if they like it before committing to the paid membership option.

The website is only available in English and can only be accessed and used by people located in the United States.

You have to be at least 18 years of age or older to join Mingle2 due to the adult nature of the website.

The main page and other pages of Mingle2 are inundated with different advertisements, which may direct you as a user to other similar dating websites.

As mentioned before, Mingle2 is much more interested in attracting users who are looking for style over substance.

There are official forums for Mingle2, which is a good platform for giving or receiving advice about dating and relationships.