Over 66 percent of residents here aren’t married, which means if you’re looking to mingle, there are plenty of other singles doing the same.And while this city doesn’t have as many amenities per capita as many places in our list, it seems to deal in quality, not quantity.

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But surprisingly, not as many per capita as some of our other places.

Universal City really shone because of its high number of single residents, split nearly down the middle between men and women.

But now as an adult, it’s clear that the San Antonio area is much more than a field trip. If you’re interested in moving to the San Antonio area, but don’t want to be the city, one of these 10 places might be a good fit for you. Like any of our other Big Deal Lists, in creating this one we relied strictly on facts and figures—not our own opinions.

Get in touch and we’ll not only help you figure out which one, we’ll help you find your dream home. We used Area Vibes, local business listings, and the U. Census to research all of the places near San Antonio with populations of 1,000 or more in terms of the following singles-friendly criteria: Once we eliminated any places that didn’t have complete data, we were left with a total of 30 San Antonio suburbs to look at.

But don’t worry, San Antonio is just half an hour away. La Vernia is the perfect place to live outside of San Antonio, because the city is just a quick drive away for those bigger date nights, but if you’re looking for something local, you still have plenty of options.

Sure, La Vernia may be a small town with under 2,000 residents, but that certainly doesn’t stop it from having things to do. Okay, so Somerset may not have all of the amenities that we saw in La Vernia, but hey, San Antonio is less than a 30 minute drive away.Plus, with a cost of living seven points lower than the state average, you’ll have extra cash for when you want to impress someone special.Natalia is great option for singles looking to save some money, but still stay close to San Antonio, be it for work or play.It’s also split nearly down the middle between men and women, so it’s got that going for it. If that wasn’t reason enough to pack your bags and move to Poteet, it also has some of the most unmarried residents in the San Antonio area.Balcones Heights may be small, but that doesn’t mean it is lacking—especially when it comes to singles.So without further ado, these are the 10 best places near San Antonio for singles: 1. For example, In Lytle, Texas, just 42 percent of the population are men… And while that’s great for guys and all, it’s kind of slim pickings for the ladies.