You cannot make them “snap out of it.” There is little they can do about their illness and thus may rely on you to be a good constant in their lives.

The manner in which you react on the off days is important. The quality, and not the quantity, of relationships is what’s important.

Your partner will likely show you the value of love and stability in a relationship and how that trumps everything else.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to love and respect.

When I say everything goes wrong in a depression episode, I really mean it.

This is not a bad hair day kind of things going wrong.

We are aware of all that is going wrong, but we are unable to do anything about it, because that’s what depression is.

And though we desperately try to prop up our lives, we always end up watching everything collapse around us.So here are five things you can learn from dating someone with a mental illness. There are many myths that surround mental illnesses and their triggers.When you begin dating someone with a mental illness, you may need to read up on symptoms, triggers and possible ways to manage the illness.However if you have a mental illness and see a psychologist on the regular, then talking about how one feels can become normal.If your partner is anything like me, then emotionally charged conversations will be a regular occurrence in your life. People indulge in food and alcohol with no real thought as to how it affects their bodies.I like sites such as Psychology Today, Psychology Tomorrow and Healthline.