This is still the most stigmatised disease and I don’t want to come into a relationship from a point of shame. ‘HIV positive’ is not my identity.” Florence has been in her current relationship for three years.When does Florence think is the best time to disclose one’s status while dating?I ask them, “Do married couples talk about HIV/Aids?

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Few people are socialised to have the HIV disclosure conversation despite the fact that it is a key part of intimate relationships.

Patrick* and James* are both married and in their late 50s.

If I bring this up my wife will wonder what I’m trying to say!

” It is assumed that each one is okay since they are ‘with each other’, he adds. Patrick adds, “It is the young girls you meet who assume you are safe because you are married.

When anti-retroviral therapy is successful, it all but eliminates the possibility that someone will transmit the infection, according to the Division of AIDS at the National Institutes of Health, citing a groundbreaking study whose results were announced in 2011.

“I feel that I have to work extra hard in these (dating) situations, and it’s hard to tell what the right action even is,” Rogel said.

That depends on why you are doing it, and also on the depth of the relationship.

But she also insists that HIV positive people also have a responsibility to make their partners aware.

The beginning of a new relationship has always been a struggle for Nestor Rogel, who was born with HIV.