It doesn't surprise Catholics to see such an anti-Christian campaign, but who is behind this, when did it start, and what can we say to their excuses?

C." "Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492.

Imagine someone going out of their way to add something to the end of these statements; someone writing that "Columbus discovered America in 1492 C. Today there is a move on within the press and public schools to, once and for all, replace the age-old, familiar designations of B.

means "the Year of our L-rd," and we do not believe that Christ is our L-rd. E." authored by a Paul Eliasberg, a non-religious Jew from northern Europe. It is a perfectly legitimate thing to do, and the subject is too important not to do something positive to counteract the de-Christianization of our country, and our world. The URL for Liguori Publications is: The point within this small section is to acquaint the reader with the terms "BCE/CE" which the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society (Jehovahs Witnesses) employ instead of B.

E." came upon a web page on medieval history mentioning "800-1200 C. All are encouraged to put themselves in the habit of writing dates with an A. even if it means fighting the initial feeling of "nerdishness". Please take note, they said "theologians" and not the Vatican.

E." or that "Julius Caesar was assassinated in 44 B.

The first thing to be noted is that the people who defend such a change use the pretext that it is done "because they DO NOT BELIEVE that Jesus is the Lord", or that "they do not want to OFFEND those who do not believe Jesus is the Lord." Such a pretext is strikingly odd for a few reasons: 1) If they were so conscientious about giving the false impression that they believe Jesus is the Lord, why do they not likewise worry about the impression that is given when they use the names of the DAYS and MONTHS which represent pagan gods?

D., the pretext that they do not want to "offend" is ruined by the fact that to place a C. in a place where there was NOTHING only actively offends those who believe it should be A.

E." listed as: "Civil Engineer; Christian Endeavor; Church of England".

Or how about the month of January named after "Janus", the god of gates and doorways? How absurd it would be for a Catholic to say that they cannot use these names in conscience because they do not believe in false gods!

The terms have become the conventional norm, and therefore their use by Catholics has never been construed to imply belief.

D." And we find a statement by a man named Ken Jacobs: "the BCE/CE convention began (AFAIK) with Maimonides, who proposed BCE/ACE (meaning no more or less than: before/after the start of the Christian Era) as a means of avoiding the utterance of `Anno Domini.'" This is all understandable since this reflects the ancient Jewish tradition which forbade even the mention of the name of "Jesus" in a Jewish household. This is a way of stating times in a non-Christian way, since they make no reference to Christ, as B.