I would have married him, but the relationship ended for different reasons. I didn't know the extent of his disability till later on.

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I have friends who are disabled but I am notinterested in a partner who is. 9 years later I am in a very different place mentally and I could probably handle it if I met a woman who was disabled and was interested in dating me.

Having said that I'm not looking for a woman in a 'chair but if she were to appear in my life I don't think I'd discount or overlook her because of her disability.

a limp is one thing but someone who is actuallyphysically disabled... I guess it depends on the level of physical functionality. Years ago I dated a women with the same disability as I have. I ended up breaking up with her because I had a very hard time with it.

I am far too active to havemuch in common with someone in a wheel chairfor dating. You say in your profile that you are a professional and unattractive woman with a disability. It was a lot like looking in a mirror and you know if you do this you often find something you don't like about yourself which was seeing my chair and all that goes along with it.

Ok for me i would date a person with a disability depemding also on the disability.

Also I have a disability so when i date i also have to take that all into account and how it effects me or her. Hi there bookyone, Well I guess this is a challenging question.

When I saw how mobile he was and how independant he had become, it gave me great admiration for him. So yeah, if somebody with a disability wanted to go out with me, I'd say bring it on! I also had hydrocephalus which is excess cerebar spinal fluid on the brain. The CSF acts as a cushion for the brain against the skull. Basically the spinal cord is in two parts...a top half and a bottom half..the message from the brain to walk for example can't get down to the legs so you end up paralyzed in the legs and have no feeling or use of them.

It is true that he was not able to participate in a lot of "active" pursuits, but we did do a lot of things together that we both enjoyed. I did not think of his "disability" when I thought of likely here...... Having said all that, would I have a relationship with a person with a disability? Ok now that the health lesson is over let me get on with the question......

For me have a disability , but that is not the sum total of a person. I guess there is the question of compatability of either 2 persons party the dating. HIS FEET WAS HURTING SO I TOOK HIS SOCKS OFF AND LOTIONED THEM FOR HIM. I TOLD HIM TO BE THINKFULL HE HAS THEM AND HIS LEGS.