Each partner knows how to get their point across objectively. Their purpose is to learn and understand what each other has to say and what each one feels.

If you like each other’s company, and value each other as friends, then whatever else may happen, you’ll always have that.

Friendship is about close companionship and sharing hobbies, interests and values as well as goals for the future.

Let’s not keep them secret but share them and make the most of life and love.

Many people always yearn to have a happy and successful relationship.

Trust in a relationship means there can also be freedom to pursue separate interests too.

Sex and intimacy Regular intimacy, both physically in terms of embracing each day and making love on a fairly regular basis, as well as emotional intimacy – opening up and sharing your innermost feelings, thoughts and fears will bring you closer as a couple.

Falling in love is indeed wild and exciting while loving and being truly loved is much, much more.

Keeping that feeling of being connected, whether it’s felt on a romantic, emotional, intellectual or spiritual level, is an essential ingredient for many people in a long-term relationship, and love is at its core.

A successful long-term relationship is loving and nurturing and fun. Love and falling in love It’s all too easy to fall in love and get caught up in the whirlwind of excitement of planning a life ‘together forever’. Love is one essential ingredient to any successful long-term relationship and yet there is a difference between the ‘falling in love’ type of infatuation that can blind us to some extent, and real, caring love.