You literally get more detail from the quests in the Indiana Jones movies.

Instead it focuses relentlessly on the most tedious and dangerous aspects of the trips, their suffering, or switches back to London with almost every old man of course a stiff- upper-lip racist and sexist cliché. This apparently makes her equal to Fawcett's many years of soldiering and survival skills. The trip could very well kill them both and so would leave their children orphaned.

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I had only seen Margot Robbie in The Wolf of Wall Street previously, and I was highly impressed by her perhaps more subtle turn here.

I thought she did a wonderful job of portraying a woman trying to preserve her faith and even innocence in trying circumstances.

Finally -- for hard-core history buffs only -- the written diagrams preserved even today in the Archives of Rio de Janeiro ("Folio #512") which constitute the last known "communication" from the ACTUAL final, ill-fated, Fawcett expedition were discredited because "experts" of the day claimed they contained elements of different language roots, not one root, and hence "must" be fake.

However, if indeed the area was a centerpoint between two now-lost civilizations originating in two different oceans, the multiple language roots would be expected and natural, and not an indication of fraud. Surely these explorers would have built up far more of a picture from the surrounding tribes, artefacts, and previous finds.

The "glass" is a picture frame and the "older gentleman" appears to be her father posing in front of the church, given the immediate scene cut to Ann playing the organ in the church.

See more » Just saw this movie at Sundance and thoroughly enjoyed it.

However, instead of focusing on the apocalyptic elements themselves, it focused on the human drama that resulted and the emotional responses to this extreme sort of isolation.

I had essentially no expectations coming into the film and found myself completely invested in the storyline, which develops methodically but beautifully.

The film is based on the science-fiction novel "Z for Zachariah" by Robert C. The film's "love triangle" is a major deviation because there are only two protagonists - Ann and Loomis - in the novel.