– Obtain travel insurance, preferably with the plan that provides direct, immediate payment to the medical provider. Leave expensive jewelry and precious valuables at home. – Each time you use your credit card, keep an eye on it until it is returned to you. – In case of theft, get a police report immediately if you’ll be making an insurance claim. Get yourself familiar with the location of stairways, fire escapes routes, emergency exits and alarms. Before opening the door to a stranger, verify who it is. Never leave your valuables (a camera, documents, jewelry, etc.) lying around where hotel employees can see them.

– Before you leave, photocopy your documents and tickets so it would be easier to replace them if they are lost or stolen. Thefts of traveler’s checks must be reported within 24 hours. Before leaving you room for the day, put the “Do not disturb” sign on your door to give the impression that the room is occupied.

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You can also find a hotel that is located in the area you wish to visit for attractions or locate a secluded luxury resort if you want a romantic getaway.

Booking Kreuzfahrt (or Cruises) Online Whether you want to spend your entire vacation on a cruise (Kreuzfahrt) or take shorter cruise during your vacation, you can also easily book these online at a last minute or reisen website.

With last minute travel, or reisen, you’ll find that prices tend to be much higher for cruises, flights, hotels, and car rentals.

Fruehbucher (or the early booker) always gets the best deals, right? But now, there are some helpful online resources such as last minute or reisen sites that make it easier than ever for you to secure your travel arrangements at great prices, even at the last minute!

If your phone works, call the desk to tell them where you are, or call the fire department to report your location in the building. Fill the bathtub with water to use for fire fighting. Stuff wet towels into cracks under and around doors where smoke can enter. Get advice from your hotel workers about reputable restaurants and other entertainment. Thinking of relaxing – amazing nature, sunny beaches, healing spas, monasteries and churches, hospitable towns and villages…

Place a wet towel over your mouth and nose to help filter out smoke. Never resist armed robbery, it could lead to violence. Ancient culture, endless beaches and an emerald sea, high mountains with marvellous gorges and caves, clear lakes and rivers full of fish, wide valleys, healing springs, ancient culture, hospitable people, tempting cuisine and wines, diverse flora and fauna…Experience New Travel Destinations A great benefit of making your travel plans online is that travel sites usually offer packages to places around the world.You can experience new destinations you never dreamed of such as Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Austria, Egypt, India, and many other places.Many airlines have realized the benefits of offering last minute airfare deals on the Internet.Last minute or reisen sites can locate these flights for you so you won’t have to spend hours on research.Get yourself familiar with local customs and regulations.