I just left one of the worst dates I’ve had in a while.

I had a feeling it wasn’t going to go well before I even left home, but I thought I was just not giving the guy a chance. The parallels with the boy are also somewhat troublesome, but I’ve learned from that debacle and know that just friends means just friends…

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He attempted to hold the chair out like a gentleman, but there wasn’t room to do that. After 10 minutes of strained communication, I asked him if he was waiting for a waiter, because I didn’t think this was that kind of place. He liked it, but I couldn’t get him to understand that he’d spent way too much getting the small one, when an extra fifty cents or so would have gotten him a worthwhile sized drink. No food, the conversation was stuck in a loop of him asking me questions either about education or about what I wanted in a house and family.

He said he didn’t really know anything about the food here, but asked if I wanted we could get a soft drink… Why did we meet a restaurant instead of the nice coffee places that I had suggested if we weren’t going to eat dinner? He seemed to be interviewing me for the position of wife: Seriously, dude? I have not thought about my dream home because I haven’t found the man with whom I want to share my future, and any home would have to be the right fit for both of us.

Enter the Sudanese architect who told me I was beautiful when he saw me at the museum.

He approached me twice, which shows quite a bit of chutzpah, given that I pretty much gave him the brush off the first time.

Since twice in a row I’ve had a man tell me that he liked my brain but that I wasn’t quite pretty enough to date, being told I was beautiful was very nice to hear, and got the guy the necessary pass to get to the first date.

I say pass because there was no way for him to pass the conversation test in order to warrant a first date.When I asked what was the plan now, since we’d been there for an hour and a half and my tummy was about to start grumbling about the lack of sustenance, he suggested a movie, but it didn’t matter which one because he wouldn’t be looking at the movie.Instead he’d be staring at me because I was so beautiful. “Tell me about your native language.” I thought that was a safe topic. About then I decided it was time to call it an evening. which is remarkably hard to do after a man has said “I love you.” i’m a fan of kissing " data-medium-file="https://justaddtea.files.wordpress.com/2014/03/bad-kisser.jpg?I tried to find a polite way to ask just that question, but it was met with weird eyebrow twitches. I like to cook lots of things, but this is not the way to get you invited to a dinner at my place.And I have names picked out for three children, but that doesn’t mean I three children, just that I like three sets of names…I tried to counter with a hug, he would not relent. Not only can he not take a hint, but he kisses poorly. It was the desperate kiss of someone who just doesn’t know any better.