“I try not to think about it as some scary secret that needs to be revealed,” she says.“It’s more an aspect of my life that’s just a little more personal than regular first-date fodder.”anxiety and panic disorder along with her bipolar.

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BIPOLAR & MEDICATION People have different reasons for going off bipolar medications, even though “noncompliance” throws treatment off track.

Laura Dattaro, Michelle Mallet, Leah Yegneswaran, and Elspeth Rawlings (clockwise from top left) all have different but effective dating tips.

“I would be hoping that I don’t start swinging into mania, because then I just get erratic and start spending tons of money that I really shouldn’t be spending,” says the Los Angeles resident.

Depressive periods make Zamo not want to go at all: “Nothing’s harder than trying to be interested in someone’s story when you’d rather just not be there.” Zamo, who is CEO of his own organic cosmetics company, says he showed signs of bipolar disorder when he was 18, but was only formally diagnosed at age 22." data-reactid="27"Ryan Zamo, 26, feels “highly nervous” about dating when he’s in a stable period.

Melanie Greenberg, Ph D, a clinical psychologist in Mill Valley, California, and author of the Mindful Self-Express column on Psychology Today, also weighs in." data-reactid="19"For people with bipolar disorder, piloting the unpredictable waters of dating can mean much more anxiety than normal.

Here, five adults with bipolar disorder talk about their dating experiences, and how they navigate both the dating scene and the crucial question of when to disclose their mental health issues.

Leah Yegneswaran, 24, of Fredericksburg, Virginia, who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at the age of 20, agrees.

“I worry that I’ll be triggered over the course of the date,” says the University of Mary Washington student.anxiety attack.

She was formally diagnosed with bipolar I in early 2015 and is now thriving with the right therapy and medication regimen.

Low-key first dates — like watching movies together — are best for her, Rawlings says.

Mallet, who currently works as a chef, was diagnosed with the condition around age 18 or 19.